28, High Street.

This was a shop that was demolished with the High Bridge in 1866.

There are only three occupiers listed at this address in the directories.

1830 – c1833 (Joseph Oldfield)

Joseph Oldfield, a boot and shoe maker was here in 1830 (Pigot).

Born in 1805 in Lynn, his parents were John and Susannah Oldfield. By 1833, Joseph had left Lynn to work as a fisherman at Flamborough, Yorkshire. He married Margaret Collings, from Youlthorpe, Yorkshire, and they had four sons, all born in Flamborough:-

1) George (b. c1833). 2) William (b. c1836). 3) Matthew (b. c1840). 4) Joseph (b. c1852).

Joseph Oldfield died in Flamborough on 21st July, 1886, aged 82.

 c1836 – c1846 (George Henry Burrell)

In White’s directory for 1836 and in Kelly’s for 1846, George Henry Burrell, a boot and shoe maker was listed here at No. 28. He later spent about fifteen years at Nos. 21 & 22, High Street (c1850 – c1865), before moving to Norfolk Street.

It is not certain whether he had yard premises at Nos. 21 – 22, or whether he also had a shop there with a frontage onto High Street.

Details of his family are given here.

George Henry Burrell was born in Flitcham, Norfolk in about 1809. His wife Anna was born in Lynn in about 1811, however, it is not known when they married. The 1841 census gives no details of marital status and the household does not include an Anna Burrell.

In the 1841 census, the numbering is difficult to establish but George Burrell may have been living at or near No. 28. With him at that date were a female servant Martha Morris, aged 25, and Mary Morris, born c1826, a ‘shoe bender’.

George and Anna had one daughter born in June 1846 and baptised Anna Priscilla, but she died within three months and they had no other children.

They had moved to No. 21 by 1851, when George is recorded as a ‘Cordwainer and Currier Master employing 6 lads & 10 men’. Martha Morris was still acting as their house servant and her widowed mother, Mary, a pauper aged 69, was lodging with them.

George’s business is listed at both Nos. 21 and 22 in Harrod’s directory for 1863 but he had moved to 122, Norfolk Street by 1868 (Harrod).

Anna Burrell died in 1861/2, aged about 50, and George died in 1875/6, aged 67

c1863 – c1864 (Ann Judd)

Mrs Ann Judd (née Taylor) was a milliner and straw hat maker. She had been at No. 31, High Street before her marriage in 1861, but seems to have taken a lease here between 1863 (Harrod) and 1864 (White). Kelly’s Post Office Directory lists her back at No. 31 in 1865.

More details of her and her family will be found at No. 31.


The premises were demolished in 1866.