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32 High Street.

Prior to 1858, No. 32 was occupied by the fishmongers John Matsell (c1830 – 1836) and Daniel Devonshire (c1840 – c1858).

For three years from 1858 to 1861 the Boot and Shoe maker Richard Munks combined the premises with No. 33.

The premises were demolished with the High Bridge in 1866.

c1830 – c1836 (John Matsell) (No. 32)

John Matsell, a fishmonger, was at No. 32 1830 (Pigot). He was listed again at 32 in 1836 (White).

By 1839 he had moved to No. 30, High Street, where more details about his family are given.

c1845 – c1851 (Daniel Wilson Devonshire) (No. 32)

The fishmonger Daniel Wilson Devonshire (aka Daniel Wilson) was at No. 32 in 1845 (White) and 1846 (Kelly). He may have been here earlier but there is no listing for No. 32 in 1839 (Pigot), and the numbering in the 1841 census is very hard to work out.

There are similar problems with the directories for 1850 (Slater) and 1854 (White), when the entries for Daniel Devonshire have no numbers. The 1851 census places him here or hereabouts.

By 1863 (Harrod) he had moved to Nos. 26 – 27, High Street, where more details of him and his family are given.

1858 – 1861 (Richard Munks @ Nos. 32 & 33)

The boot and shoe maker Richard Munks combined the premises with No. 33 for three years. Details of Richard Munks and his erstwhile partner Daniel De Pass may be found at No. 33, High Street.

1861 – 1866 (No records)

No records have been found to indicate the occupiers of No. 32 between 1861 and 1866.