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41, High Street.

This was an individual shop until about 1900 when Ladymans incorporated the premises into their store at Nos. 39-40.

c1822 – 1848 (James Keed)

Pigot’s Directory for 1830 lists James Keed (b. c1785 in King’s Lynn), a glover, breeches maker and leather seller at this address. He had been in High Street in 1822 (Pigot) and was probably at this address at that earlier date. His business rejoiced in the name of the ‘GOLDEN GLOVE’. He was living here in 1841, with his wife, Mary (b. c1786 in Grays Inn Lane, London, Middlesex), and was listed again in Kelly’s directory for 1846. They had moved out by 1848, and were living in London Road in 1851. James died later that year, aged about 66. Mary continued to live at London Road and rented out houses. She died in 1872, aged 85.

James Keed was the uncle of John Keed III, and details of his family may be found at No. 85, High Street.

1848 – c1854 (Henry Mills)

Henry Mills (b. c1814 in Pulham, Norfolk), a glover and breeches maker, was living somewhere on, or near, the premises in 1841 with his wife Sarah (b. c1815 in Pulham) and their children Mildred (b. 1837 in Pulham), and Marbella (b. 1840 in King’s Lynn). By 1851 Henry and Sarah had two more daughters, both born in Lynn; Marcuna (b. 1843), and Mavine (b. 1846). Another daughter, Marina, died as an infant, the burial ceremony being held at St. Margaret’s church on 24th August, 1846.

Although Henry Mills was living and working here, he may have been employed by James Keed and he may have had living accommodation to the rear, perhaps in what became known as Hayes Yard.

It was not until15th July, 1848, that the above notice appeared in the Lynn Advertiser, announcing that he was taking over James Keed’s business. In this notice, he gave a list of the goods that he stocked. These included:-

‘Ladies’ French kid gloves; French kid garters; Housemaids’ gloves; Gentlemen’s French kid gloves – also Lisle tread gloves, cricket gloves, archery gloves and strong leather gloves; youths’ and Boys’ gloves and braces of all kinds; Gentlemen’s silk braces and garters – also available in elastic, buck, worsted, and cotton. Leather gaiters and trousers straps; French kid and doe purses; leather waistcoats and drawers; hunting breeches; belts or stays; stiffenings for neckerchiefs; chamois leather for plate, glass and cleaning; buff leather and knife boards; and wool rugs for doors and carriages.’

The family were still here in 1851 but Henry Mills is not listed in White’s directory for 1854 and there is no trace of them after that date.

c1854 – c1900 (James West Hayes)

James West Hayes (b. c1824 in Lynn), a cabinet maker, was living here in 1861 and had been here since at least 1854, when listed in White’s Directory. In 1841 he had been living with his parents in Norfolk Street, aged 15, and was already employed as a cabinet maker. His father, Jonathan (b. c1787 in Lynn – d. 1860), was a cooper, whose wife Sarah had also been born in Lynn (b.c1790 – d. 1874/5, aged 85).

Jonathan and Sarah had at least twelve children, all born in Lynn:-

1) Ann (b. c1811 – m. Thomas Curson, a grocer & draper, in 1849 – d. 1892, aged 81). 2) Sarah, a milliner (b. c1814 – d. 1891, aged 75). 3) Nelson Roberts, a cooper (b. 1815 – d. 1894, aged 78). 4) Elizabeth (b. c1820). 5) Mary Ann (b. 1821 – m. William Cooper, a grocer & draper, in 1846 – d. 1908, aged 86). 6) James West, a cabinet maker – see No. 41, High Street – (b. c1825 – m. Naomi Laws in 1854 – d. 1915, aged 90). 7) Jonathan Roberts – see below (b. 08/04/1824 – m. Charlotte Susanna Tilney in 1852 – d. 10/03/1881, aged 57). 8) Hannah (b. 1826 – d. 1828). 9) Emma (b. c1828 – m. George Henry Back, a tailor, in 1854 – d. 1880, aged 52). 10) William Henry (b. c1830 – m. Catharine Boulton in 1860 – d. 1885/6, aged 57). 11) Maria (b. c1834 – m. Joseph Sidgwick in 1857 – d. 1908, aged 73). 12) Mary (b. c1833 – d. 1908).

James married Naomi Laws on 25th January, 1854. Naomi was the daughter of shoemaker John Laws (see No. 53½). James is listed here in Kelly’s Directory of 1875 and was employing six workmen and three apprentices at the time of the 1881 census. In White’s Directory of 1890 he was a cabinet maker, upholsterer and undertaker and in 1891 he was living here with his wife, Naomi, sister-in-law, Miss Eleanor Maria Laws, 67, and niece, Miss Margaret Ellen Kemp, 32. All three women were working as upholsteresses. He was listed here again in Kelly’s Directory of 1892.

In a notice in the Lynn Advertiser on 17th June 1898, he announced:-

‘Retiring from Business. Selling Off after almost 50 years on High Street. Homemade furniture, iron bedsteads, bedding also hardwoods. JAMES HAYES, 41, High Street.’

James and Naomi did not have any children, and Eleanor Laws and Margaret Kemp lived with them for many years, first here at No. 41, High Street and later at their home ‘Trevordale’, in Gaywood Road, Lynn,

Eleanor Laws died in 1903, aged 80, Naomi Hayes died in 1913/14, aged 85, and James died one year later, on 5th March 1915, aged 90. Margaret Kemp died in 1939, aged 83.

By March 1900 Ladymans were occupying the premises.