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No. 63, High Street

Listings for No. 63 were not consistent. Thomas Cooper, who was here for several years prior to 1834, was listed at High Street with no number (Pigot). There were no listings between 1841 and 1850, when the premises may have been occupied in conjunction with No. 62, and in 1851 they were listed as unoccupied.

By 1863, No. 63 and No. 64 were in one ownership, being the premises of John Rose & Son, saddlers, harness makers and carpet factors. However, for some years after that date, there are listings for occupiers of No. 63, and it seems probable that John Rose rented out offices and dwelling accommodation to other users.

From 1883 to 1916 there are no separate directory listings for occupiers of No. 63, High Street, only joint entries for Nos. 63 and 64 (John Rose & Son.).

The old buildings of Nos. 63 and 64 were demolished to make way for a new Midland Bank, which was built in 1921.

c1822 – 1834 (Thomas Cooper)

Thomas Cooper, a linen draper, is listed in Pigot’s directories for 1822 and 1830, but with no number. It was at this address, where his widow, Catherine, continued working as a linen draper (see Cooper & Taylor below).

Thomas Goskar Cooper was born in Lynn in 1786. There is likely to be a link with the Goskar family of painters and plumbers at No. 83, High Street. As well as the business as a linen draper, he was a master mariner, confirmed in the marriage entry for his daughter’s marriage to Edwin Mulcock on 29th May, 1822 at St. Giles Church Camberwell. An advertisement in the Public Ledger and Daily Advertiser read:-

‘SHIPS for FREIGHT etc. Wants only a few tons and will sail on or before the 15th, instant, for Genoa and Leghorn, or Leghorn and Genoa the fine, fast-sailing, coppered Brig BERBICE, A 1. Thomas Goskar Cooper, Commander, lying off the Tower. Burthen 147 tons, for Freight or Passage, apply to R. and H. RICHARDSON, 3, Howford-buildings, Fenchurch-street; John’s Coffee-house, Cornhill; and in Exchange hours, on the Spanish, Portugal and Italian Walks. Has superior accommodation for Passengers.’

Thomas and his wife Catherine (b. c1786 in Lynn) had one daughter, Catherine Mary (b. 1822 – m. Edwin Mulcock in 1822 – d. 1904, aged 83).

Thomas Goskar Cooper died of cholera in London on 15th October, 1834, aged 48, and there was a moving tribute to him with the announcement in the Norfolk Chronicle on Saturday, 18th October that year:-

‘Death: Wednesday last, in London, of cholera, aged 48, Mr. Thomas Cooper, draper of Lynn; the loss of few men will be more severely felt or extensively lamented, viewed in relation to the filial and fraternal duties his conduct was exemplary: he was beloved by a very extensive circle of acquaintance, but those only who had the pleasure of his friendship could fully appreciate his worth.’

1834 – 1841 (Cooper & Taylor)

White’s Directory for 1836 lists Cooper & Taylor, linen and woollen drapers, at No. 63. This was a partnership between Catherine Cooper and Thomas Taylor which continued the business which had been running under her late husband’s name. In 1839 (Pigot) the business was listed at No. 62, but he places the Freemason’s Tavern at No. 63, so this must be a number discrepancy.

Catherine Cooper was living here in 1841, with her daughter Catherine Mary. Also living on the premises was her business partner, Thomas Taylor (b. c1796) and his son William (b. c1824).

On the 15th April, 1841, the premises were put up for sale by auction, along with No. 61 next door. The particulars stated:-

‘All that Old Established SHOP and DWELLING HOUSE, situate in High Street, Lynn, near the Tuesday Market Place, now in the occupation of Messrs. Cooper and Taylor, Linen Drapers and Silk Mercers, in which a very extensive trade has been carried on upwards of fifty years, and comprises a commodious front and back shop, three ware-rooms, two sitting rooms, eight bedrooms, dressing room, kitchen, store room, yard, and outbuildings, conveniently fitted-up for the accommodation of a family.’

Catherine Cooper moved to Camberwell and was staying with her younger sister Martha (b. c1797 – d. 1890, aged 93) in 1851. In 1861 she was living with her daughter and son-in-law in Newington. She died in 1870, aged 84.


There are no commercial listings for this number in 1845 (White), 1846 (Kelly’s Nine Counties), or 1850 (Slater). It is possible that the premises were used in conjunction with the businesses at No. 62 or No. 64.

c1854 – c1863 (Henry Welbourne Jones)

Henry Welbourne Jones, a woollen draper was listed at No. 63 in White’s Directory for 1854. He was living here in 1861 but he had moved to No. 59 by 1863. The name Welbourne is sometimes given as Welborn or Welbourn.

More details of the family are given under No. 59, High Street.

c1863 – (John Rose & Son)

John Rose & Son, saddlers, harness makers and carpet factors, had taken over both No. 63 and No. 64 by 1863. (See Nos. 63 & 64).

c1868 (Robert Durrant Rust)

Harrod’s directory for 1868 lists dentist R. D. Rust at No. 63.

Born in 1845 in Notting Hill, London, Robert Durrant Rust was the son of Jeremiah and Susan Ann Rust.

Jeremiah Anderson Rust was born in about 1818 in East Dereham, Norfolk, and married Susan Ann Durrant (b. c1813 in London) in 1840. They had four children:-

1) Ann (b. c1842 in East Barsham, Norfolk). 2) Robert Durrant – see below (b. 1845 – m. Jane Ramsey in 1870 – d. 1887, aged 41). 3) Susan Ann (b. 1850 in Wisbech – d. 1870, aged 19). 4) Elizabeth (b. 1851 in Wisbech – m. William Spear, a Brazier, in 1870 – d. 1923, aged 73).

Jeremiah became a dentist, working in London and Wisbech before settling in Lynn. In 1863, he was listed at No. 10, Norfolk Street, but he died in 1865, aged about 47. His wife, Susan Ann, died in 1877, aged 64.

Robert Durrant Rust followed his father into dentistry and was listed here at No. 63, High Street in 1868. In 1870, he married Jane, the daughter of Lynn shipwright Joseph Ramsey (b. c1805 in Boston, Lincs.). She had been born in 1843/4 in Lynn and was a teacher. After their marriage, the couple moved into a house in Wellesley Street, where Robert set up his practice. They had four children:-

1) Percy Edward – a private in the barracks of the 18th Hussars in 1891, a publican in Cambridge in 1901 (b. 1872 – m. Theresa Green in 1898 – d. 1907, aged 34). 2) Arthur Ramsey – b. 1873). 3) (Alfred) Durrant (b. 1881/2 – a wine merchants clerk c1911 – m. Harriet Hudson in 1914/15 – d. 1934, aged 52). 4) Audrey (b. c1885).

Like his father, Robert Rust died at a fairly young age, 41. After his death in 1887, Jane kept the dental practice going, as Rust & Company, moving it to No. 49, Railway Road. By 1904, they were advertising as makers of artificial teeth.

Jane Rust moved to No. 4, Railway Road. The business continued until about 1916, when Jane died, aged 72.

c1871 (Thomas Burton)

The census of 1871 lists Thomas Burton (b. 1811 in Perth), a Scottish land surveyor and auctioneer at this address, with his unmarried daughter Mary Kathleen (b. 1843 in Edmonton), and his son Gordon Drummond (b. 1845 in Lynn), a land agent’s clerk.

Thomas came down from Perth to Bath, Somerset, where he married Mary Ann Goodridge (b. c1809 in Bath) in 1841, and where they set up home, in the suburb of Walcot. They had two children:-

1) Mary Kathleen (b. 1843 in Middlesex). 2) Gordon Drummond (b. 1845 in Lynn – d. 1871, aged 26).

Within a few years the family had moved to Middlesex, before coming to Lynn in about 1845. In 1851 they were living in South Everard Street, where the children were being taught at home by their mother..

Mary Ann Burton died in Lynn in 1858, aged about 49, and Thomas continued to live at South Everard Street, with his daughter becoming the housekeeper.

Thomas was listed in the trade directories from 1854 through to 1879, but the only record for him at No. 63 is the one from the 1871 census, which is the year in which his son Gordon died, aged 26. Thomas moved to 28, Railway Road, where he was living with his daughter in 1881.

c1879 – c1883 (James William Maher)

There are listings in the directories for 1879 and 1883 for James William Maher, a solicitor and insurance agent, at No. 63.

Born in Ireland c1853, James Maher was living with his uncle James H. Maher (b. c1799 in Ireland) in Clenchwarton in 1881. He died in Lynn in 1888/9, aged 35.