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No. 79, High Street

No. 79 had a very narrow frontage and was one of the smaller premises in High Street. However, there was a yard with useful outbuildings and a large warehouse, and surprisingly spacious living accommodation over the shop.

For several years, rooms were let out to a dentist and, later an optician and they appear to have stayed on the premises during the days that they were in town.

A number of different users were here, including tailors, a book seller, grocer, house furnisher, a ladies and children’s clothes shop and the offices of one of the local newspaper groups.

1822 (Daniel Samuel Balding)

S. Balding, a tailor and draper, was listed on High Street, with no number, in 1822 (Pigot). In 1830 (Pigot) he was recorded as Daniel Samuel Balding at No. 79. He was the son of Samuel and Elizabeth Balding and had been baptised in the town on 18th December, 1790.

On 16th November, 1816, Daniel married Ann Peacock at St. Margaret’s church. They had eight children:-

1) Sarah Anna (b. c1818 – m. John May Edwards, a doctor, on 11/05/1848 – d. 1883, aged 64). 2) Elizabeth (b. c1819 – m. Thomas Paul on 15/04/1847). 3) Samuel, a surgeon (b. c1820 – d. 15/12/1857, aged about 37). 4) Mary (b. c1824). 5) Daniel Samuel (b. c1825). 6) Ann (b. c1827). 7) Emma (b. c1829). 8) Jane (b. c1835).

Daniel Balding died on 10th September, 1839, aged 49. Ann died on 6th July, 1862, aged about 73.

 c1836 – 1841 (Richard Nurse)

White’s Directory for 1836 lists Richard Nurse as a bookseller, printer, stationer and binder at this address.

Born in about 1771, Richard Nurse married Pleasance Lindsay (b. c1778 in Lynn) at All Saints church in Lynn on 10th November, 1796. They had seven children, all born in Lynn:-

1) Pleasance (b. c1797 – m. Stephen Parlett on 16/07/1816 – d. 1869, aged 71). 2) Mary (b. c1798 – d. 1861, aged about 63). 3) Elizabeth (b. c1804). 4) John (b. c1804 – d. 1881, aged 77). 5) Richard, a printer and bookseller (b. 1811 – m. Martha C. Scott on 06/11/1833 – d. 11/07/1878, aged 66). 6) Anne (b. c1812). 7. Edward (b. 1815).

Richard and Pleasance were living in All Saints Street in 1841 with several of their family. Richard died later that year, aged 70. Pleasance was living in Buckingham Terrace, London Road, Lynn in 1851, but she died later that year, aged 73.

1841 – 1859 (Richard Webber)

Richard Webber, a tailor, moved into No. 79 after Richard Nurse moved out, and he was living here in 1841, with his wife Eleanor and three of their children.

Richard had been born in Castle Acre in about 1781. He had moved to Lynn before 1804, marrying Eleanor Lake at St. Nicholas Chapel on 8th October that year. Eleanor was the daughter of William Lake and Mary Smith, and had been born in Lynn in about 1786. She was baptised at St. Margaret’s church on 27th August that year.

Richard and Eleanor had nine or more children, all born in Lynn (the dates of birth are uncertain in some cases:-

1) Elizabeth Margaret (b. c1805 – d. 19/10/1805). 2) Sarah Lake (b. 13/05/1807 – m. Jacob Bentley – d. 1888). 3) William Thomas (burial 15/04/1811). 4) Mary Ann (b. 19/09/1811 – d. 10/05/1829). 5) William Lake (burial 23/10/1823). 6) Eleanor Lake (b. 14/04/1814 – d. 1896, aged 83). 7) Richard (b. 1816 – d. 16/03/1816). 8) Thomas Richard (b. c1819 – d. 06/12/1825). 9) Benjamin Lake – see below (b. 22/03/1821 – m. Elizabeth Palmer and Mary Hughes – d. 20/07/1887 in Australia).

Richard Webber may have been working for another tailor in Lynn before setting up on his own (he is not listed in Pigot’s directory for 1822). He was listed in Pigot’s directory for 1830 at 7, Purfleet Street, and White has him at No. 6, Purfleet Street in 1836.

On 28th October, 1848, dentist John Tracy placed a notice in the Lynn Advertiser announcing that he was setting up a consultancy at No. 79. Unusually, this was on a permanent, daily basis – most dentists visited once a week:-

‘DENTAL SURGERY. Mr. JOHN TRACY, Surgeon Dentist, Respectfully announces, he has made an arrangement to reside at Mr. WEBBER’S, No. 79, High Street, Lynn, where he may be consulted on all branches of his profession. Mr. J. T. wishes to call particular attention to his improved method of supplying Mineral and natural Artificial Teeth, from one to a complete set, the secure, easy, and permanent construction of these valuable substitutes will be found of the greatest service to persons suffering from defective mastication and articulation. Decayed Teeth stopped and rendered useful. Irregularities in Children’s Teeth prevented and corrected. The operations of Extraction and Scaling the Teeth, conducted on the most improved principles. Hours for consultation, from 10 till 5 o’clock daily.’

Richard Webber probably continued in business until his death in August 1859, aged 82, being listed here in 1858 (Kelly).

After John Tracy the dentist moved out, Richard Webber let out accommodation for a Norwich optician, Mr. Keyzor.

Richard and Eleanor’s son Benjamin Lake Webber established his own tailoring business which, for a time, was at No. 103½ High Street, where more details of his family will be found.

Two of Richard and Eleanor’s daughters, Sarah and Eleanor Lake went into partnership as tea dealers under the title of Bentley & Webber (Sarah married a Mr. Bentley but he died before 1841). More details about their business will be found at No. 111.

Eleanor Webber died in 1874, aged 90.

1860 – (R. Mott)

Mott, a house furnisher and manufacturer of painted bedroom furniture, moved his business here from 7, North Clough Lane, in January 1860, placing this notice in the Lynn Advertiser:-

‘Removal of Business to 79, HIGH STREET. R. MOTT, House Furnisher, and Manufacturer of Painted Bedroom Furniture, 7, North Clough Lane, Lynn, Respectfully informs his friends and the public that he will continue his Business in Lynn, and that the above-mentioned Business will be REMOVED TO 79, HIGH STREET, (three doors from Grass Market), and trusts, by low prices and personal attention to all orders, to secure increased Patronage and Support. The Premises in High Street will open for Business on the 20th instant, up to which date all orders will be thankfully received at the Warehouse, North Clough Lane. The Shop Fixtures and Counter, with Drawers, for Sale.’

There is no record of him in the directories, and he was not on the premises in 1861.

1861 – c1863 (Josiah Pepper Cook)

In 1861, Josiah Pepper Cook was here and listed as a confectioner. He had been a commercial clerk and came to Lynn after working as a clerk in a soap factory in Stepney (1851). He had been born in Elton, Huntingdonshire in 1826. When he came to Lynn, he established a butcher’s shop at No. 122, High Street for a few years. More details of him and his family will be found at that address.

c1863 (Elizabeth Johnson)

Confectioner Elizabeth Johnson was listed here in Harrod’s directory for 1863.

c1868 – 1871/2 (John Laws)

John Laws, a boot maker aged 69 was here in 1871, with his wife and two of their children, Eleanor (b. c1826 – d. 1903, aged 80), and Elizabeth (b. c1833). In 1830 (Pigot) he was at No. 78, High Street, but he had moved here from No. 53½, High Street, where he was for several years, and more details of his family may be found at that address.

John Laws died in 1871/2, aged 70, and his wife Naomi died two years later, aged 68.

1872 – c1889 (John Greenacre)

Following the death of John Laws, No. 79 was taken by grocer John Greenacre, who moved his business from the Tuesday Market Place, where it had been for over 30 years.

Born in West Winch in about 1820, John Greenacre married Mary King (b. c1819 in Lynn) in 1843/4. His business is first listed at 20, Tuesday Market Place in Kelly’s Nine Counties Directory for 1846. He and Mary had one daughter, Ann Mary (b. 1845 in Lynn – m. George Thomas Cross, a veterinary surgeon, in 1864).

In March, 1872, he placed the following notice in the Lynn Advertiser:-

‘John Greenacre respectfully informs his numerous Friends and the Public that owing to the sale of the property on the Tuesday Market Place where he has carried on business of a GROCER and TEA DEALER for upwards of 30 years, he has moved to more eligible premises, 79 High Street, next door to Mr. Fuller’s, Woollen Draper, where he hopes not only to see his old friends, but to meet with an increase of that patronage and support which it will always be his study to desire.’

In 1874, John Greenacre started letting out consulting room space to Mr. H. Laurance, Oculist Optician on one Tuesday per month and this was clearly a mutually beneficial arrangement. Mr. Laurance’s practice appears to have flourished and he was soon taking more advertising space, on a regular basis, than almost any of Lynn’s retailing outlets. On the 2nd January, 1875, he advertised:-

‘Mr. H. LAURANCE, OCULIST OPTICIAN, 42, BURTON CRESCENT, LONDON W.C. By Appointment Optician to the NORFOLK & NORWICH EYE INFIRMARY, RESPECTFULLY announces to the Nobility, Clergy and Gentry that he has arranged to pay monthly visits to LYNN, and may be consulted at MR. JOHN GREENACRE’S, 79, HIGH STREET, On Tuesday, January 12th, 1875, FOR POSITIVELY ONE DAY ONLY. Mr. Laurance begs to introduce his IMPROVED CRYSTAL SPECTACLES.’

Mr Laurance was also visiting Downham, Swaffham and Fakenham on his visits to Norfolk.

He was not the only professional to rent accommodation at Mr. Greenacre’s establishment on Tuesdays. On 17th April, 1875, the following notice appeared in the Lynn Advertiser:-

‘NOTICE OF REMOVAL – Mr. H. J. WIGMORE, SURGEON DENTIST, may be consulted at Mr. Greenacre’s, No. 79, High Street, Lynn, the first and third Tuesday in the month.’

This was a temporary arrangement, however, as Mr. Wigmore had to move out of the premises he had been renting for a month (see No. 80, High Street).

John Greenacre was still living here in 1881 and is listed in the Post Office Directory of 1883, but not in any trade directories after this latter date.

It would appear that John Greenacre retired from business in late 1889 or early 1890. He and his wife Mary moved from High Street into the almshouses on London Road, where they were living in 1891. They died there in the same year, 1897, both aged 78.

1890 – 1892 (Hugh Dales)

On 8th February, 1890, the following notice appeared in the ‘To Be Sold’ column of the Lynn Advertiser:-

‘COUNTERS, Tea Canisters, Snow Cases and other useful articles for sale – Apply to Hugh Dales, 79, High street, Lynn.’

It would appear that he was selling off the shop fittings and display items that were left when John Greenacre vacated the premises.

Hugh Dales was born in Upwell, Norfolk in 1855. He was the son of grocer and draper Robert Dales (b. c1822 in East Keal, Lincolnshire) and Maria Chamberlain (b. c1824 in Wisbech). Robert and Maria had married in 1847/8 and were living in Upwell in 1851, where Robert had a grocery business. They had four children, the first three being born in Upwell:-

1) John Thomas, a dubbin manufacturer (b. 1848/9 – m. Frances Pierce in 1874/5 – d. 1933/4, aged 84). 2) George, a postman (b. 1850 – d. 1924/5, aged 74). 3) Hugh – see below (b. 1855 – m. Mildred Saunders in 1881 – d. 1942, aged 87). 4) Maria (b. 1859/60 in King’s Lynn – m. Walter Jones Saunders, a farmer, in 1884/5).

By 1881 Hugh Dales had established his own business as a grocer and draper at Angel Hill, Bury St. Edmunds and, at the time of the census, his sister Maria was acting as his housekeeper. Later that year he married Mildred Saunders from Huntingdonshire. They had moved to Lynn by 1890 and may have come straight into No. 79, High Street.

For Christmas 1890, Hugh Dales advertised:-

‘Tree Fancies ¼d and ½d and 500 boxes of figs at 2½d each’.

Mildred Dales ran a registry for servants and advertised in the Lynn Advertiser on 18th July:-

‘All Classes of Servants wanted at Mrs. Dales’ Registry Office, 79, High Street’.

The family were living here in 1891, but later that year or early in 1892, Hugh Dales gave up his grocery business to become a commercial traveller, and moved to London Road, where Mildred continued to run her registry office.

Hugh and Mildred stayed in Lynn, moving to St. John’s Terrace, and he continued to be listed as a commercial traveller – including in Kelly’s directory for 1916. However, in the 1911 census he is recorded as a nurseryman.

Hugh and Mildred had four children:-

1) Louie Maria (b. 1882 in Bury St. Edmunds – m. Ernest William Barrett, a draper, in 1905 – d. 1962, aged 76). 2) Marion (b. 1884 – died in infancy). 3) Constance Marianne – b. 1884 – m. Aubrey Fenemore, a farmer, in 1909 – d. 1972/3). 4) Lucy Farningham (b. 1890 in Lynn – d. 1892).

Both Hugh and Mildred died in 1942 in Lynn – aged 87 and 81, respectively.

1891 – 1892 (Jesse Thomas Crosby)

Jesse Crosby placed the following notice in the Lynn Advertiser on 24th October, 1891:-

‘Notice. J. T. CROSBY, Family Grocer and Tea Merchant, 79, High Street, King’s Lynn, Begs to inform the inhabitants of Lynn and the neighbourhood that he has taken the business lately carried on by Mr. HUGH DALES at the above address, and trusts, by strict attention and by supplying the best articles at the lowest possible prices, to merit a share of public patronage. A TRIAL RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED. Note Address – 79, HIGH STREET, KING’S LYNN.’

Jesse Crosby was listed in Kelly’s directory for 1892 at this address. However, he stayed less than a year, and may have left by June, 1892, when the shop was advertised to let:-

‘To GROCERS and Others – House and Shop to Let in principal street near Tuesday market – For particulars, apply 79, High street, King’s Lynn.’

The next known occupant here was Miss Amelia Johnson, who opened in September, 1892, and so it is likely that Jesse Crosby had already come and gone by the middle of that year.

Jesse Crosby was born in Beckingham, Lincolnshire in 1852. His parents were John and Sarah Crosby. John (b. c1817 in Beckingham) was a baker and flour dealer at High Street, Beckingham. He married Sarah Brewitt in 1842 and they had seven children, all born in Beckingham:-

1) William, a joiner and stonemason (b. 1843 – m. Elizabeth Taverner in 1871 – d. 1920/1, aged 77). 2) Robert (b. 1844). 3) Benjamin (b. 1845 – d. 1855, aged about 10). 4) John, a joiner (b. 1847). 5) George (b. 1848). 6) Sarah Ann, a postmistress (b. 1849/50 – d. 1934, aged 84). 7) Jesse – see below (b. 1852 – m. Louisa Tomlinson in 1874/5 – d. 1935, aged 83).

Sarah Crosby died in 1853 and John married Eliza Wright in 1854. They had one son, Reuben (b. c1857). John gave up the bakery and became the postmaster for Beckingham, assisted by his wife Eliza and daughter Sarah Ann. He died in 1898, aged 81, and Eliza died in 1901, also aged 81.

Jesse was apprenticed to Newark grocer George Chew (c1871) and progressed to become a grocer’s clerk (c1881). He married Louisa Tomlinson in 1874/5 and they had four children; 1. Walter Tomlinson, a Cooperative store manager (b. 1875/6 in Beckingham – m. Elizabeth Parkes in 1895 – d. 1947, aged 71). 2. Percy (b. 1877/8 in Newark – d. 1893, aged 15). 3. William Arthur, a salesman in the corn trade (b. 1880 in Newark – m. Elsie May Pottenger in 1906 – d. 1957, aged 77 in Hampshire). 4.  Alice Maud (b. 1886 in Newark – d. 1978 in Leicester).

In April, 1891, Jesse Crosby had a grocer’s shop at Mill Gate, Newark-upon-Trent. It seems unlikely that he opened and closed the shop at 79, High Street, King’s Lynn within a period of 14 months or so, and it may be that he decided against proceeding with the venture after planning it and booking the entry in Kelly’s directory. He moved from Blaby to the centre of Leicester, where he had a grocer’s shop in Highcross Street in 1911.

Louisa Crosby died in 1925, aged 70, and Jesse died ten years later, at the age of 83.

1892 – 1904 (Amelia Ann Johnson)

Amelia Ann Johnson opened her baby linen warehouse at No. 79 in September, 1892, placing this notice in the Lynn Advertiser:-

’79, HIGH STREET, KING’S LYNN. MISS JOHNSON Begs to announce that she has opened the above Establishment with an entire NEW STOCK OF LADIES’ & CHILDREN’S UNDERCLOTHING and FANCY DRAPERY. A Choice Assortment in Dressing-Gowns, Corsets and Sanitary Woollen Underwear. CHILDREN’S FROCKS, PELISSES and MANTLES. Boys’ Suits and Coats. Umbrellas etc.’

Amelia had worked for many years as a drapery assistant at another shop in the town. She was born in Lynn in 1855 into a large and well-known Lynn family. Her younger brother, John Augustus Johnson, was the proprietor of the East Anglian Hotel from 1888 to 1902 and of the Dukes Head Hotel from 1903 to 1913. Her grandfather, Richard Johnson (b. c1791 – d. 1849), was a baker in Norfolk Street. Richard married Elizabeth Yaxley at St. Margarets church on 1st August, 1816, and they had at least two children:-

1) Isaac – a confectioner – see No. 38, High Street (b. c1817 in Brancaster – m. Martha Parfrement in 1841 and Mary Elizabeth Sly in 1867 – d. 1898, aged 81). 2) William (b. c1820 – m. Martha Julia Langley in 1845 – d. 1893, aged 72). Both brothers became bakers and confectioners in the town, Isaac being listed at King Street in 1846 (Kelly), and at 38, High Street in 1851. William had taken over his father’s bakery at 120 (later 119), Norfolk Street by 1846 and the family business continued there until almost 1925.

William Johnson married Martha Julia Langley in 1845, and they had eleven children:-

1) Martha Elizabeth (b. 1846 – m. Richard Smith, a porter, in 1870/1 – d. 1882, aged 35). 2) Lucy Bridget (b. 1848 – m. Dix Suggett, a shipping agent, in 1889 – d. 1923, aged 75). 3) Elizabeth Sarah – b. 1849/50). 4) Sarah Jane (b. 1851/2 – m. Edward John Colman, an architect, in 1873 – d. 1939/40, aged 88). 5) Amelia Ann (b. 1855 – d. 1939, aged 84). 6) Benjamin Wade, a plumber and decorator (b. 1857 – m. Catherine Elizabeth Mallett in 1880 – d. 1919, aged 62). 7) John Augustus, proprietor of the East Anglian Hotel and the Dukes Head Hotel (b. 1859 – m. Rose Ann Hollingworth in 1888 – d. 1914, aged 54). 8) Richard Thomas, a schoolmaster (b. 1861 – m. Caroline Jane Smith in 1888/9 – d. 1894, aged 32). 9) Frederick, a baker & confectioner at 119, Norfolk Street c1901 (b. 1863 – m. Emma Rutter in 1892 – d. 1901-1911). 10) Emma (b. 1867 – m. Herbert Thomas Tilson, an architect, in 1892 – d. 1954, aged 86). 11) Annie (b. 1871/2).

Martha Johnson had her own business, as a newsagent, at No. 25, Norfolk Street for fifteen years or longer.

In addition to the children’s clothes department, Amelia developed her business into a ladies’ outfitters. She was listed here in the directories for 1896 and 1900, and she was living on the premises in 1901. In early 1904, Amelia announced her retirement in the Lynn Advertiser on 26th February, 1904:-

’79, HIGH STREET, KING’S LYNN. Ladies’ and Children’s Outfitting Establishment. MISS A. JOHNSON Wishes to thank her numerous Friends and Customers for their kind patronage during the last twelve years, and begs respectfully to announce she has Disposed of her Business to MISS F. BLOMFIELD, who was previously with her for six years.’

Amelia moved to live in Blackfriars Street. She never married and she died in Lynn in 1939, aged 84.

1904 – c1908 (Florence Mary Blomfield)

Beneath the notice placed in the Lynn Advertiser by Amelia Johnson, the following notice was included:-

‘MISS FLORENCE BLOMFIELD Begs respectfully to announce she has succeeded to the above Business of Miss Johnson, and hopes by Strict Personal Attention to be favoured with the same kind patronage bestowed upon her predecessor.’

Florence Blomfield was born in 1878 in Watton. She was the daughter of John Coker Blomfield, a Brandon painter and decorator who was born in Fakenham in about 1846. He married Eliza Buxton in 1869, and they had eight children:-

1) Anna Eliza (b. 1870 m. Alfred Edward Norton, a farmer, in 1897 – d. 1937, aged 66). 2) Emma (b. 1872 – m. Richard Frederick Parrott, a plumber, in 1891 – d. 1942, aged 70). 3) Priscilla Gertrude (b. 1875/6 – m. Harry Sutterby, a warrener and gamekeeper, in 1906 – d. 1954, aged 79). 4) Florence Mary (b. 1878 – m. Thomas Chapman in 1910 – d. 1924, aged 47). 5) Beatrice Marion (b. 1880). 6) Lucy Catherine (b. 1882). 7) Eveline May (b. 1884). 8) William John (b. 1885/6 – d. 1916/7, aged 31).

Florence gave up the business in about 1908, and two years later she married Thomas Chapman. She died in 1924, aged 47.

1908 – c1914 (Rose & Blanche Stearn)

(Ellen) Rose and (Elizabeth) Blanche Stearn opened a ladies’ outfitters here in about 1908 and stayed for between four and six years.

Rose and Blanche were two of the nine daughters of Henry Bullock Stearn (b. c1810 in Cratfield) and his wife Elizabeth Shearing Pipe (b. c1820 in Wilby). Henry and Elizabeth were both from Suffolk and married in 1839. The first five of their daughters were born in Wilby, Suffolk, where Henry was a farmer, the next two were born in Laxfield, and the youngest, Blanche, was born in Woodton, Norfolk. Henry continued to farm when the family was in Woodton, but he gave it up to become the innkeeper at the White Hart, Victoria Road, Diss. He was there from 1868 until his death in 1874/5. His widow, Elizabeth, then took over until her death in 1881. The nine Stearn siblings were:-

1) Mary Ann (b. 1840). 2) Jane Elizabeth (b. 1842 – m. Edward Gilbert Watson, a chemist, in 1867 – d. 1910, aged 68). 3) Elizabeth Anna /Annie (b. 1844 – d. 1869, aged 24). 4) Alice (b. 1846). 5) Agnes Fanny (b. 1849 – d. 1929, aged 77). 6) Susan (b. 1851). 7) Ellen Rose (b.  1853 – d. 1937, aged 80). 8) Louisa Mary (b. 1855/6 – d. 1931, aged 67). 9) Elizabeth Blanche (b. 1857 – d. 1944, aged 83).

Rose and Blanche had both worked as drapery assistants in Diss for several years before they set up their own shop in Lynn. They left the town in about 1914. Rose died in 1937, aged 80, in Norfolk, and Blanche died in 1944, aged 83, in Suffolk.

c1914 – c1996 (Norfolk News Co. Ltd.) (Eastern Counties Newspapers)

From about 1914 until at least 1996, the Norfolk News Co. Ltd. had an office here. They were the publishers of the Norfolk News, Eastern Daily Press, Eastern Evening News, Eastern Weekly Press, Yarmouth Weekly Press, Eastern Football News and other titles.

In October 1935 the Norfolk News Co. applied for permission for alterations and additions to the premises.

The Lynn representatives for this series of publications included:-

 Harry Edward Hurrell.

Harry Edward Hurrell is listed as a representative of the newspaper group in Kelly’s directory for 1916, but is not included in later editions. It would appear that he retired at about that date, being succeeded by James Benjamin Beckett.

Born in Norwich in 1856, Harry was the son of a city starch miller, Francis Clare Hurrell (b. c1828 in Scottow) and his wife Isabella Nutman (b. c1834 in Great Yarmouth). They married in 1855, and had at least four children, all born in Norwich:-

1) Harry Edward (b. 1856 – m. Leah Elizabeth Feek in 1881 – d. 1941/2, aged 85). 2. Francis John (b. 1858 – m. 1894 – d. 1922, aged 64). 3. William Samuel (b. 1864 – d. 1886/7, aged 22). 4. Lydia Kate (b. 1866 – m. Rufus Frederick Folkard, a commercial traveller, in 1890 – d. 1954/5, aged 88).

Harry Hurrell worked as a journalist and author in Great Yarmouth for many years before coming to Lynn. He married Leah Elizabeth Feek in 1881. They had five children, all born in Great Yarmouth:-

1) Hilda Flora (b. 12/01/1884 – m. Charles H. Dyer in 1912 – d. 1970, aged 86). 2) Emma Kate (b. 1886 – m. Leonard Dobson Hall in 1907/8 – d. 1958/9, aged 72). 3) Ethel Mayhew (b. 20/07/1889 – m. Frederick H. Merrick in 1918 – d. 1975/6). 4) Beatrice May (b. 1892). 5) Kenneth (b. 31/08/1895 – m. Gwendoline M. Tann in 1919 – d.1975, aged 79).

Harry Hurrell was not in the town for long before he retired and went to live in Bournemouth, where both he and Leah died in 1941/2, aged 85 and 84, respectively.

 James Benjamin Beckett.

Listed as the representative for the Norfolk News Co. Ltd., in Kelly’s directory for 1916, he was similarly included in subsequent editions through to 1934/5.

Benjamin was the son of John William H Beckett (b. 1847 in Caister) and Caroline Barrett (b. 1849/50 in Yarmouth). They married in Great Yarmouth in 1871/2 and had nine children, all born in the town:-

1) James Benjamin (b. 1872 – m. Bessie Maria Felmingham in 1897 – d. 1935, aged 63). 2) Gerald Sydney, a furniture salesman in 1911 (b. 1875 – m. Sarah Ann Howles in 1900 – d. 1959, aged 83). 3) Victor Charles M., a nautical signalman in 1911 (b. 1877 – m. Ada Rachel Ditcham in 1899 – d. 1956/7, aged 79). 4) Alice Maud (b. 1879 – m. Rowland Hill, a seaman, in 1909/10). 5) Ernest Isaac B., a plumber in 1911 (b. 1883 – m. Maggie Soanes in 1913 – d. 1956, aged 72). 6) Muriel Frances (b. 1886 – m. Alfred W. Balls in 1910 – d. 1953/4, aged 67). 7) Leonard Arthur V., a joiner & carpenter in 1911 (b. 1888 – d. 1950, aged 62). 8) Edith Kate Ethel (b. 1890 – d. 1961/2, aged 71). 9) Herbert Lionel, an assistant greengrocer in 1911 (b. 1893 – d. 1945, aged 52). John Beckett was a sail maker. He died in 1899, aged 51, and Caroline died in 1917, aged 67.

James Beckett married Bessie Maria Felmingham (b. 1874 in Yarmouth) in 1897 and they were living at No. 96, High Street, Great Yarmouth in 1901, when he was working as a journalist. By 1903 they had moved to Lynn and they were living at 3, New Conduit Street. They had three children born in Gorleston and two born in Lynn:-

1) Gertrude Bessie (b. 1898). 2) Irene Gladys (b. 1899/1900). 3) Violet Alice (b. 1900/01). 4) James Bluebon (b. 1902 – d. 1980). 5) Estella Edith (b. 1908/9).

James Benjamin Beckett died in 1935, aged 63, and Bessie died in 1959, aged 86.

 Edward W. Wright.

Edward Wright was listed as the local manager for the Norfolk News Co. Ltd. in Kelly’s directory for 1937.

Ernest Alfred Goss.

Ernest Alfred Goss was listed against the entry for the Eastern Daily Press, Eastern Evening News, Eastern Football News and the Norwich Mercury in Kelly’s directory for 1951.

He was born in Downham Market in 1909, and he married Mabel G. Couper in 1934/5. He died in 1981.

Frank James Keeler.

Born in 1918, Frank James Keeler was the representative for the Eastern Daily Press group of newspapers in 1954. He died in Lynn in 2002.