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No. 76, High Street

The premises at No. 76 had been combined with those at No. 77 by the year 1850 and were occupied by one of Lynn’s larger drapery stores. Prior to that No. 76 had been occupied by drapers William Fysh and Robert Fuller. Another draper, Henry Pond, who had been at No. 39, High Street, took over in about 1842 and it was he who combined the two shops. After Henry’s death in 1858, his sister continued the business in partnership with Edward Grundy, and they named the twin shops ‘Waterloo House’ (see Nos. 76 & 77).

In 1938, Easiephit Footwear, which had taken over No 76 and No 77, withdrew from the latter shop, which became a separate unit again.

c1817 – 1839 William Wollaston Fysh

William Wollaston Fysh married Sarah Gray at St. Nicholas Chapel on 25th March, 1803. He was already working as a tailor in the town and it is possible that he had a shop on High Street at this date. The first record that he did have a High Street presence is in the parish registers for 1817 when his daughter Elizabeth was baptised. At an earlier date there was a notice in the Norfolk Chronicle referring to a Francis Fysh, draper of Lynn, who was a forebear of William Fysh:-

‘Lynn, 27th June, 1809. To DEBTORS & CREDITORS. ALL persons indebted to the estate and effects of FRANCIS FYSH, late of King’s Lynn, tailor and woollen-draper, deceased, are desired to pay the same within one month from the date hereof to Mr. James Parlett Saddleton, of King’s Lynn aforesaid, watch-maker, one of his executors; and all persons having any claim or demand on the said estate and effects, are requested to send accounts of their respective debts to the said Mr. Saddleton, or to Mr. Harvey Goodwin, attorney, Lynn.’

Francis Fysh married Elizabeth Wollaston in Lynn on 5th October, 1775. He was listed in the Poll Book for 1802 as a freehold owner in Lynn.

William and Sarah had ten children, all born in Lynn:-

1) Hewitt (b. 1803 – d. 1819, aged 16). 2) Susanna (b. 1806). 3) William Walker (b. 1808). 4) Jane Gray (b. 1810). 5) Eldred Edmund (b. 1811 – d. 1849, aged 37). 6) Charles George (b. 1813). 7) Mary (b. 1815). 8) Elizabeth (b. 1817 – m. William Henry Garland in 1844 – d. 1907, aged 90). 9) William Wollaston (b. 1818). 10) Edward Wollaston (b. 1823).

Elizabeth Wollaston Fysh married ship broker William Henry Garland (b. c1821 in Lynn) in 1844. For many years they lived at 33, Queen Street. In later years William Garland was a Lloyds agent and Consul for Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Elizabeth died in 1906/7, aged 90.

Her brother Eldred Edward Fysh was a surgeon, and his father William had advanced him £500 towards his apprenticeship fees. Eldred died in 1848/9, aged about 33.

William Wollaston Fysh died in 1839, aged about 57, and the family (Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth and Eldred) were living in Norfolk Street in 1841. Sarah died in 1844, aged about 61.

 c1839 – 1850 (Henry Pond)

In White’s directory for 1836, Henry Pond, a linen & woollen draper, was at No. 39, High St.  He moved to No. 76 in about 1839, and is listed here in that year (Pigot). On 7th November, 1843 he advertised his winter purchases in the Lynn Advertiser:-

‘WATERLOO HOUSE. H. POND Respectfully solicits the attention of his Friends and the Public, to an inspection of his WINTER PURCHASES, which are now daily arriving – Principally consisting of China, Brussels, Kidderminster, and Venetian Carpeting, from 2d. per yard upwards; Wide Cotton Bed ticking from 3½d. per yard, Pilot Cloths, Brown Beaver, Doe Skins, and Buck Skins in great variety; Black Wool Dyed, Superfines remarkably cheap, Whittle Shawls and Handkerchiefs, from 8d. upwards, a very large assortment; Gloves, Hosiery, etc., of every make; White Window Hollands, Venetians and Transparences of every width; Counterpanes, Quilts and Blankets. The Lowest Ready Money Price will be affixed to each article, and the old Stock will be reduced in Price, to its Present value.’

Born in Walsingham in about 1786, Henry Pond had already established a drapery business on High Street by 1821, when he shot dead a burglar at his shop one night. The local newspaper account of this event is given at No. 39. Although no shop number is given in that account or in Pigot’s directory for 1822/3, it is assumed that he was at No. 39. He was certainly at that address in 1830 (Pigot).

Henry married Sarah Tils on 17th February, 1821 in Norwich. Sarah was born in about 1786 in Cove, Suffolk. They had three children, all born in Lynn:-

1) Mary Scraggs – see Grundy & Pond at 76 & 77 (b. c1821 – m. Edward Grundy in 1853 – d. 1914/5, aged 93). 2) Henry jnr. (b. c1823 – not found after 1851). 3) Maria – see Grundy & Pond at 76 & 77 (b. c1825 – d. 1876, aged 51).

1850 – 1929 (No. 76 was combined with No. 77 in about 1850)

In about 1850 Henry Pond had expanded the business into No. 77 as well (see account under Nos. 76 & 77 ‘Waterloo House’).

1938 – c1988 (Greenlees & Sons – Easiphit Footwear – Ltd.)

The King’s Lynn branch of Easiphit Footwear opened at Nos. 76-77 High Street in December 1928.

In 1938, the company withdrew from No. 77 and operated from No. 76 until their closure in the 1980s.

For details of the business see Nos. 76 & 77, High Street.

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