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No. 77, High Street

This shop has principally been a drapery or dress shop over the years. It was a single unit up until 1850. By 1851, the two properties, Nos. 76 and 77 were combined by Henry Pond.

At certain dates, separate occupancy of No. 77a is recorded in the directories and these are included in this account of the main premises.

In 1929 the shop reverted back into two units – No. 76 and No. 77 but by 1998 it had been combined with No. 76 again when Waterstones opened a bookshop here.

 1830 (John Laws)

John Laws, a boot and shoe maker was here in 1830 (Pigot). He moved to No. 53½, High Street, where more details of his family will be found. In 1868 he was at No. 79

 c1836 (Sarah Ann Cozens)

Sarah Ann Cozens, a milliner and dress maker, was listed as being here in White’s directory for 1836. This is her only entry in the directories, and she may have been here for a short time only.

After giving up her business, she joined her sisters Susan and Eliza who had established a boarding and day school for girls in London Road.

Sarah Ann Cozens was born in Shouldham in 1800. Her parents were George Cousins and Rebecca Sewell, who married on 12th September, 1798. They had four children, all girls and all born in Shouldham:-

1) Sarah Ann (b.  08/10/1800 – d. 1888, aged 79). 2) (Maria) Eliza (b. 22/04/1806 – d. 1871, aged 60).  3) Susan (Susannah) (b. 15/08/1808 – d. 1888, aged 79). 4) Maria Rebecca (b. 1816 – d. 1874, aged 56).

Susan and Eliza had set up their school for ladies by 1839 (Pigot), and all four sisters were living together at the London Road premises in 1841. Susan was the principal teacher and Eliza and Maria taught music. They were still running the school in 1871 but Eliza died later that year. Maria died in 1874 and Sarah died at around this date, too.

The last of the sisters, Susan, moved to 1, Nar Buildings, Wisbech Road where she died in 1888.

c1846 (John Ewing Jeffery) (at No. 77a.)

Solicitor John Ewing Jeffery had his offices here, at No. 77a, for a short time and is listed in Kelly’s Nine Counties Directory for 1846 at this address.

Born on 27th February, 1812 in Swaffham, his parents were Charles Jeffery and Honor Bone (b. c1776 – d. 1844/5). His father had a business as a general merchant in that town.  His elder brother Charles (b. c1801) took over the Swaffham business and is listed there in Robson’s Commercial Directory for 1839 as; ‘Jeffery & Co., London Street, Swaffham, corn, coal, cake, seed, wool, wine & spirits merchants, & maltsters’. C & C Jeffery are given a similar listing, and this may have been a partnership between Charles and his father.

John and another older brother, William Watson Jeffery (b. 15th October, 1808 in Swaffham – m. Hannah Burkitt in 1850 – d. 1877, aged 68), may have moved to Lynn at about the same time. Both were recorded at the same house in King Street in 1841 and both are listed in the town in the 1846 directory. William established a branch of the general merchant’s business in the town, taking over the premises of Robert Cook at 31, King Street. In Harrod’s directory for 1868 it is listed as; ‘Jeffery & Co., corn, coal, cake, seed and wool merchants, maltsters and importers of foreign wine & spirits, King Street & Swaffham’. For a time at least, William was involved in brewing and has a separate listing as such in the 1846 directory; ‘William Watson Jeffery & Co., brewers, Purfleet Brewery’.

John had moved his offices to Baker Lane by 1850 and to New Conduit Street by 1854. He is listed there in Harrod’s directory for 1863 as; ‘John Ewing Jeffery, solicitor and notary public, New Conduit Street, commissioner for administering oaths in Chancery, clerk to borough justices, and clerk to the commissioners of taxes for Lynn’.

He never married and died in Lynn in 1867, aged 55.

 c1839 – c1849 (Robert Fuller)

Robert Fuller, a tailor and draper, was living on the premises in 1841, and is listed here in White’s directory for 1846. He moved next door to No. 78 in about 1849, and details of his family are given at that address.

c1850 – 1928 (See Nos. 76 & 77)

1929 – c1937 (John Henry Miland)

Florist John Henry (Harry) Miland was listed here in Kelly’s directory for 1933, and the business was under the name ‘Miland’s’ in the following year’s edition.

Born in Wisbech in 1888/9, he was the son of John William Miland (b. c1849) and his wife Esther Belding (b. 1851 in Watlington).

Harry’s grandparents were William Miland (b. c1820 in Long Sutton – d.1904, aged 84) and Amelia Collins (b. c1820 in Walpole St. Peter – d.1907/8, aged 88). William was an agricultural labourer / gardener for almost the whole of his life, being listed as such in 1908 when he was recorded as being 77 years old. However, there is some discrepancy in his recorded age – it was 84 when he died in 1904. He and Amelia were living in Wisbech when they died, but had also lived at Tilney St. Lawrence, West Walton and Watlington.

William and Amelia Miland had one son, John William (always known as William) born in Tilney St. Lawrence. He worked as a gardener, and married Esther Belding in 1875. They had five children, the eldest three born in Watlington, the youngest two in Wisbech:-

1) Lizzie (b. 1876). 2) (Sarah) Emma (b. 1877 – m. John Willie Lenton, a Co-operative Society Manager, in 1915 – d. 1959, aged 82, in Hove). 3) Frank, a farmer (b. 1880 – m. Emily Leeden in 1902/3 – d.1951/2, aged 71, in Kent). 4) John Henry – known as Harry – see below (b. 188/9 – m. Lucy Amelia Troughton in 1912 – d. 1954/5, aged 66). 5. Hilda Mariel (b. 1895 – m. Leslie Pye in 1932 – d. in 1968/9, aged 75).

Harry Miland started out working as an assurance agent (1911). In 1912 he married Lucy Amelia Troughton (b. 1902/3 in Wisbech). They did not have any children.

Milands was listed here in Kelly’s directory for 1934/5 but not afterwards, and Harry had left by 1937 when Mrs. Berry was listed at No. 77. Harry and Lucy moved to Hertfordshire, where she died in 1947/8, aged 62, and he died in 1954/5, aged 66.

 c1937 (Mrs. E. Berry)

Mrs. E. Berry opened a costumier’s shop here in about 1937 but was only here for about one year.

 1938/9 (Miss L. Hilton)

Miss L. Hilton’s gown shop was listed here in 1938/9 (Kelly).

 1938 – 1966 (Rivetts of Lynn)

Details of Rivetts of Lynn will be found at No. 51. The wool department moved from No. 51 into No. 77 in 1938.

c1972 (House of Flowers)

The House of Flowers is listed here in Kelly’s directory for 1973.

1974 (Miss Vicki)

Miss Vicki, a ladies’ fashion shop was here in 1974 (Kelly).

1974 – 1998 (Occupiers unknown)

 1998 – (See Nos. 76 & 77)