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No. 94, High Street

On 3rd March 1859, No. 94, along with Nos. 93, 95, 96 and 97, were sold at auction at the Crown Tavern, in Church Street, Lynn. The particulars of sale in the Lynn Advertiser grouped Nos. 94 to 96 into one lot:-

‘Three MESSUAGES and SHOPS, with the yards and premises lying behind the same, situate in the High Street, lying between Lots 1 and 3; frontage in High Street, 43ft.; depth from front to back (average) (NOTE: the figure was omitted); width at back, 33ft. 3in.; occupiers, Mr. G. Plowright, Mr. E. Rose and Mr. G. Andrews. Rent per annum, £58 8s.’

This indicates how small and tightly packed the shops, dwellings and workshops in High Street were at this date. There was a passage from Purfleet Street running through Lot 1 (No. 97) and behind lots 2 and 3. It was proposed that this would be abolished.

 1836 (Israel Cork)

White’s Directory for 1836 lists Israel Cork, a beer house keeper, at this address.

Born in Lynn in 1804, his parents were Samuel and Sarah Cork.

Israel and his wife Charlotte, who had been born in Grimston, Norfolk, in about 1804, moved to Witham in Essex and from there to Leicester. Israel was working as a brush maker in 1851. He and Charlotte had six children:-

1) Sarah Ann Whybrough (b. c1832). 2) Elizabeth (b. c1836). 3) Samuel Whybrough, a warehouseman (b. 1840 in Lynn – m. Hephzibah – d. 1889). 4) Thomas Whybrough (b. c1841 in Witham, Essex). 5) William Charles Whybrough, a perambulator maker in 1881 (b. 1844 in Grimston – m. Isabella). 6) Edmund Whybrough (b. 1848 in Leicester).

1845 (Robert Leeds Coward)

Robert Leeds Coward, a hairdresser and perfumer, was listed at No. 94 in White’s directory for 1845. The following year he was at No. 38½.

Robert was born on 2nd August, 1807 in Norwich. His parents were Robert Coward and Sarah Leeds. He married Maria Page at Lakenham, Norwich on 25th December, 1827.

In 1835 he was at Holt (Poll Book), where he was listed in Pigot’s directory for 1839.

In 1841, he was at Norfolk Street, Lynn.

Robert became a Minister of the church and emigrated to Australia on the ‘Agincourt’ on 1st February, 1850. He was Minister for the two towns of Barton and Truro in South Australia. He went to the gold mines at Castlemaine and Forrest Creek in Victoria and then returned to South Australia. He worked there as a schoolteacher and Minister at Golden Grove, near Adelaide, later returning to Truro, where he is buried. (Ref: ‘The Brands of Overland Corner’ compiled and published by the Brands of Overland Corner Re-union Committee, 1986).

c1846 – c1861 (George Andrews)

George Andrews, a grocer and tea dealer is listed here in Slater’s Directory for 1850, and may have been here a few years earlier than that. George and his brother Joseph were the sons of grocer and tea dealer Joseph Andrews snr. (see No. 87).

Born in about 1799 in Lynn, George married Amy Buckingham in 1845. They had four children, all born in Lynn:-

1) George (b. 1846 – d. 1866, aged 20). 2) Amy (b. 1847). 3) Ann (b. 1849). 4) Frances (b. 1850 – m. William Teasel, a solicitor’s clerk, in 1875 – d. 1928, aged 78).

George and his family were living here in 1851 and were still here in 1861. By 1871 he had moved to Austin Street, where he died in 1875, aged 76. His widow Amy was housekeeper to the County Court Clerk, John Horsley in 1881. She died in 1882, aged 61.

c1863 (William Moore)

In Harrod’s Directory for 1863, the confectionery business of William Moore jnr. is listed.

Born in Lynn in about 1821, William was the son of William Moore snr. (b. c1782 in Thursford, Norfolk – d. 1869, aged 87) and his wife Martha (b. c1783 in Hindringham, Norfolk – d. 1880, aged 97). William snr. was a sweet maker, and was living in Broad Street in 1861.

William jnr. married Martha Keeler in Lynn in 1846, and they had six children, all born in Lynn:-

1) Eliza (b. 1848 – m. Francis Henry Thompson in 1869). 2) Frederick, a baker (b. 1849 – m. Amelia Parsons in 1885 – d. 1891, aged 41). 3) Henry, a baker & confectioner (b. 1851). 4) Elizabeth (b. 1853/4 – d. 1901/2, aged 48). 5) Sarah Jane (b. 1859/60 – d. 1940, aged 80). 6) Anna (b. 1861/2 – m. John Robert Elvin, a baker, in 1893/4 – d. 1940, aged 78).

Sarah Jane Moore did not marry. She was in a business partnership with her brother-in-law, John Robert Elvin for many years.

William Moore jnr. did not stay at No. 94 for many years, and the business was listed at Purfleet Street in Harrod’s directory for 1868. William died later that year, aged 48. Martha continued the business at Purfleet Street before moving to Windsor Road. Three of her children became bakers.

c1865 – 1866 (Jeremiah Malbon)

Born in Rudham, Norfolk in about 1826, Jeremiah Malbon was a sweet maker / confectioner, who was living in King Street, Norwich in 1851 and working as a ‘sugar boiler’. He married Charlotte Horth in Norwich in 1856 and they had moved to 16, Norfolk Street, Lynn by 1861. By 1865 (Poll Book) he was living on High Street.

The only reference to him at No. 94 is when the Misses Johnson (see below) announced that they had taken over his premises in December 1866.

Jeremiah and Charlotte were living in Deptford, London in 1881, where he had a confectionery business.

 1866 (The Misses Johnson)

The Misses Johnson, confectioners, moved here from Norfolk Street in December 1866, placing the following notice in the Lynn Advertiser on the 8th of that month:-

‘THE CHEAPEST HOUSE IN LYNN for Sweets, Confectionery & Foreign Fruit is 94, HIGH STREET. THE MISSES JOHNSON (From Norfolk Street), Having taken the premises lately occupied by Mr. MALBON, intend carrying on the above business in Sweets, Fruit and Confectionery, and hope, by strict attention to all orders conferred upon them, to receive a share of public patronage. The celebrated Plum Cake at 4d per lb. manufactured by William Johnson, of Norfolk Street. Fine St. Michael Oranges, 40 for a Shilling. N.B. Shops and Hawkers supplied on the lowest terms.’

The Misses Johnson were two of the daughters of William Johnson, a baker and confectioner at 119, Norfolk Street; probably his two eldest, Martha and Lucy. William was the son of baker Richard Johnson and his wife Elizabeth, and the family were living in Norfolk Street in 1841. William married Martha Julia Langley in 1845 and they had eleven children, all born in Lynn:-

1) Martha Elizabeth (b. 1846 – m. John Alexander Thompson in 1870/1 – d. 1910, aged 64). 2) Lucy Bridget (b. 1848 – m. Dix Suggett – see Nos. 105 & 119 – in 1889 – d. 1923, aged 75). 3) Elizabeth Sarah (b. 1849/50 – d. 1852). 4) Sarah Jane (b. 1851/2 – m. Edward John Colman in 1873 – d. 1939/40, aged 88). 5) William Matthew (b. 1853 – m. Mary Anna Hayes in1882). 6) Amelia Ann, a drapery assistant (b. 1855 – d. 1939, aged 84). 7) Benjamin Wade, a plumber & decorator (b. 1857 – m. Catherine Elizabeth Mallett in 1880 – d. 1919, aged 62). 8) John Augustus, hotel proprietor (b. 1859 – m. Rose Ann Hollingworth in 1888 – d. 1914, aged 54).  9) Richard Thomas, a schoolmaster (b. 1861 – m. Caroline Jane Smith in 1888/9 – d. 1893/4, aged 32). 10) Frederick, a confectioner & baker (b. 1863). 11) Emma (b. 1867 – m. Herbert Thomas Tilson in 1892 – d. 1954, aged 86).

Sarah Jane Johnson married Lynn architect Edward Colman, and their son Ernest E. Colman was the architect for Scott & Son’s new shop at 91 and 92 High Street in 1927.

John Augustus Johnson became the proprietor of Lynn’s prestigious Duke’s Head Hotel in the Tuesday Market Place from 1903 until his death in 1914.

The Misses Johnson were here for a very short time, and John Rust, the cabinet maker was here in 1868 (Harrod).

1868 – 1871 (John Rust)     

John Rust occupied No. 95 High Street between 1863 and 1874. He also took a short lease of No. 94, and was here between 1868 and 1871. More details of his business as a cabinet maker and of his family, will be found at No. 95.

1871 (William Fuller Barfield)

In 1871, William Fuller Barfield a draper and hosier born in Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire, on 31st March 1835, occupied No. 94.

He was the son of William Lewin Barfield (1806 – 1863) and Mary Ann Fuller (1808 – 1858). William Lewin was an Excise Officer living in High Street, Burwell, Cambridgeshire in 1841.

William Fuller Barfield trained as a draper and was working as an assistant to Charles Pennington in Hall Street, Spalding in 1861. In 1869, he married Helen Watkinson Hurst (b. 1834 in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire). He and Helen had three daughters:-

1) Florence Mary (b. 1871 in Donington, Lincs. – m. William Naylor in 1899). 2) Kate (b. 1873/4 in Donington). 3) Gertrude (b. 1874 in Sheffield).

William Fuller Barfield did not stay long in Lynn and had left before the end of 1871. He moved first to Lincolnshire and then to Sheffield. He changed jobs and was working as a commission agent for many years. Helen Barfield died in Sheffield in 1900, aged 66, and William Fuller died at the home of his daughter Florence in Downham Market in 1902, aged 67.

1872 – 1875 (Samuel Grigson Street)

On 13th April, 1872, Mr. S. G. Street advertised his ‘Organ, Pianoforte, Harmonium and Music Warehouse’ at this address in the Lynn Advertiser. He was advertising in the paper again on 17th January, 1874, this time as ‘Professor of Music’, teaching at his shop premises, 94, High Street and at 24, All Saints’ Street. His daughter taught the organ, pianoforte and singing, advertising both addresses, too. Samuel Grigson Street ‘professor of music and music seller, 94, High Street’ is listed in Kelly’s Directory for 1875.

Street’s music shop was moved either just before or during the early part of 1875 to No. 46, High Street, where more details of his family and business will be found.

1875 – 1897 (Cox Brothers)

Cox Brothers, ‘teamen & provision dealers’ were also listed at this address in the 1875 directory. The business continued at this address, which was named ‘Beehive House’ until 1898 when Scott & Son bought the premises together with No. 93 and redeveloped the site.

On 5th January, 1889, the following announcement appeared in the Lynn Advertiser:-

‘Mr. S. A. COXON DENTAL SURGEON, being requested by several patients and friends to VISIT LYNN professionally, begs to announce that in future he will Attend on Tuesdays at Mr. Cox’s BEEHIVE HOUSE, HIGH STREET, Where he may be consulted in all branches of his profession. 4, YORK ROW, WISBECH’.

Cox Brothers, ‘grocers & provision merchants’, were listed here again in White’s Directory of 1890. There was no-one living on the premises in 1891 but in the following year, Cox Bros, ‘teamen & provision merchants’ are listed at 94 and 95a in Kelly’s Directory.

The proprietor of the business appears to have been Sidney Cox, who was born in Milton, Cambridgeshire in about 1839. He worked as a grocer’s ‘shopman’ for some years and was working as an assistant to John Pole in 1871 (see No. 5, High Street).

He did not live on the premises and was living at 24, King Street in 1881.

1897 (Cash & Co)

Cash & Co., moved here temporarily when their premises were destroyed in the fire of December 27th. 1897.

1898 (Scott & Son)

In 1898 Scott & Son had a shop at 89, High Street. On 6th August of that year, they made the following announcement in their advertisement in the Lynn Advertiser:-

‘EXTENSION Of PREMISES – SCOTT  &  SON COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS AND CABINET MAKERS, beg to announce that in addition to the large business carried on by them at 89 High Street, they will on SATURDAY NEXT, August 6th, Open Extensive New Show-Rooms on premises lately occupied by Messrs. Cox Bros., at 93 and 94 High Street, and will make a MAGNIFICENT DISPLAY OF FURNITURE, BEDSTEADS, AND BEDDING, Manufactured at their Steam Factory in St. James Street, in which new  labour-saving machinery has lately been added.’

Further details of Scott & Son are given at Nos. 91 – 97, High Street.