116, High Street  This was a very small shop squeezed in between Nos. 115 and 117, which were both much larger. Confusingly, from 1879 Nos. 116 and 117 were combined, and then from 1890 Nos. 115 and 116 were joined together. In 1890, glover and hatter William Winkley took both Nos. 115 and 116 and … Continue reading 116


117, High Street No. 117 is a long, narrow- frontage shop. In earlier times there was a yard entrance between this shop and No. 118. For about 20 years, an optician had his consulting rooms and workshop here. By 1879, Simpson & Co. had combined No. 117 with No. 116. Then, in February 1925, Nos. … Continue reading 117


118, High Street This shop stands forward in line with Nos. 119 to 123. They were not affected by the Jermyn’s fire of 1897, and have not been redeveloped like Nos. 115 to 117. c1822 – 1852 (James Burch) James Burch, a tailor and woollen draper, was listed at High Street (no number) in Pigot’s … Continue reading 118


119, High Street No. 119 had an access to a small yard where there were some small cottages and a few outbuildings. The shop was used as a fruiterer’s before a succession of hosiers and drapers took over here.  c1830 – c1836 (Thomas Ayre) Pigot’s directory for 1830 lists Thomas Ayre, a merchant, at this … Continue reading 119


120, 120a & 120b, High Street An archway between numbers 120 and 121 gave access to a large yard, with a big warehouse and some workshops. For many years, the sail making and ship chandlery business of Joseph Linay and his successors, Linay & Cooper and Linay & Bullen, had their business here. There was … Continue reading 120


121, High Street In 1871 Nos. 121 and 122 were combined and for over 60 years this was a butcher’s shop. c1836 (Samuel Crispe) White’s Directory for 1836 lists Samuel Crispe, a tailor, at this address. c1840 – 1856 (Mary Mitchell) Between 1836 and 1841 Mary Mitchell (b. c1805 in Wood Dalling) moved her millinery … Continue reading 121

121 – 122

121 & 122, High Street In 1875 Nos. 121 and 122 were combined and for over 60 years this was a large butcher’s shop. At some date after 1936, Nos. 121 and 122 were divided back into two separate shops. 1875 – 1878 (Joseph Gowthorpe) (Emma Jane Gowthorpe) In 1875, Joseph Gowthorpe linked Nos. 121 … Continue reading 121 – 122


122, High Street For over 100 years this was a butcher’s shop. In the early years it was a single shop but in 1875 Nos. 121 and 122 were combined. More information about the combined premises is given at Nos. 121 & 122, High Street. The combined premises were divided back into two by 1951. … Continue reading 122


123, High Street This is the large property that stands on the corner of High Street and the Saturday Market Place. Over the years it has been extensively altered, incorporating smaller properties, including a barber’s shop and a cobbler’s when major work was undertaken in 1928. For very many years it was known as ‘The … Continue reading 123